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September 13, 2023

Reshape the 5G Transport Network with NEC-CISCO Routed Optical NetworkingReshape the 5G Transport Network with NEC-CISCO Routed Optical Networking

Reshape the 5G Transport Network with NEC-Cisco Routed Optical Networking

Reshape the 5G Transport Network with NEC-CISCO Routed Optical NetworkingReshape the 5G Transport Network with NEC-CISCO Routed Optical Networking

Reshape the 5G Transport Network with NEC-Cisco Routed Optical Networking

5G on the Rise
– A New Horizon with Shadow of Operational Complexity

The promise of 5G, and beyond, is quite real. Higher data rates, mission critical connectivity, and a desire to support the Internet of Things (IoT) has made it a major value proposition for business stakeholders. After slow early adoption, 5G is finally picking up speed.

According to a new windowGlobalData forecast, 5G subscriptions will reach 5.5 billion globally by the end of 2027, accounting for approximately 48% of total global mobile subscriptions. This increased usage is leading to bandwidth surges and higher demand, as enterprises and public sectors begin to use 5G for a large variety of uses.

Lying ahead is the “holy grail” for service providers: creating better connectivity from transport to the edge, and monetizing 5G. However, there are several challenges for service providers to achieve profitable 5G growth. One critical issue is the heavy OPEX burden caused by legacy siloed and manual approaches. Traditionally, network design and operations has been managed separately by each division. This practice pushes up operational costs; transport network has been no exception with more complexity due to network diversification.

Routed Optical Networking to Build Simple, Scalable, and Sustainable Transport Network

new windowRouted Optical Networking is a breakthrough solution, initiated by Cisco, for transport network simplification. This simplified and sustainable architecture converges IP and optical network layers into a single layer, and delivers impressive benefits:

  • Reduces equipment and operations redundancies and drives up to 46% TCO savings with a streamlined operating method.
  • Enables open data models and standard APIs, allowing a provider and enterprise to focus on automation initiatives for a simpler network topology and a lower cost per bit.
  • Increases capacity while reducing power consumption with fewer wavelengths.
  • Delivers increased service availability, making the solution more sustainable with less packaging, recycling, and a lower carbon footprint.
Optimizing the network over an application and mode-driven cloud platform increases efficiency and helps service providers, enterprises, and public sectors to maintain a competitive edge and improve profitability as they freely and quickly monetize new services.

NEC and Cisco - The Sunlight for True 5G Monetization Success

NEC and Cisco have been working as global partners since 2021 with a number of innovative footprints across the globe, including Tier-1 operators, such as Telefonica. This partnership combines the strength of the top global network integrator and leading network infrastructure solution company.

Together, Cisco and NEC will deliver breakthrough architectures for end-to-end automation and Routed Optical Networking. NEC offers its xHaul Transformation Service, leveraging the company’s deep experience and global expertise in multi-layer, multi-vendor, and multi-domain integration built in global Center of Excellence (CoE). NEC provides the network transformation services, combined with the Cisco Routed Optical Networking solution, to revolutionize the network operation in 5G era. The company will leverage its long-term experience of engineering Cisco solutions across the globe, in addition to its IP/Optical expertise with software engineering skillsets. NEC’s service will pave the way toward a converged IP and optical network, allowing service providers to maximize business agility through simplicity, efficiency, and scalability.

The Future of 5G and Beyond is Bright

Cisco and NEC will continue to work together to drive the wave of network transformation, as IoT becomes ever more ready for a new set of industries and commercial applications. From manufacturing to healthcare, connecting households and workplaces within communities will be a wholesale change. According to new windowPwC, the global economic impact of 5G will reach $1.3 trillion by 2030. The combined Cisco and NEC Routed Optical Networking solution will play a major part in getting us there.

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