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NEC Open Networks

NEC Open Networks
Converged Core
4G/5G Converged Core


NEC’s cloud-native 4G/5G Converged Core enables CSPs to benefit from shorter time to market, network monetization, greater flexibility, scalability and reliability.

The key highlights of NEC's solutions are:

Key Highlights

Fully cloud-native Architecture for flexible scaling and auto-healing

NEC cloud-native 4G/5G Converged Core is fully virtualized and containerized, with a three tiers microservice architecture.

From the left, these tiers are protocol gateways, service modules, and platform modules. Protocol gateways aggregate the communication between the service components and external interfaces. Service modules consist of stateless containerized service pods. Platform modules are data stores that can be externally configured as memory for storing persistent session data. Each component is split into a micro service, which ensures flexible scalability for that service component.

As a result, micro services can be added, removed or scaled on demand which enhances the efficiency of resource utilization, while achieving easier scalability.

NEC cloud-native 4G/5G Converged Core portfolio features a full set of necessary 3GPP compliant Network Functions for both 5G and 4G.

Platform agnostic operation for B2C to B2X use cases

Our cloud-native 4G/5G Converged Core is platform agnostic, thanks to its cloud-native architecture. We are flexible and capable of running our solution on customer's private as well as public cloud environments (on premise, edge or cloud), or the combination of both as needed.

Advanced technologies such as Network Slicing, Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) and Separation of Control and User Plane (CUPS) enable us to support a variety of use cases, and to help our customers creating a wide range of innovative B2C and B2X services.

As an example, thanks to truly separated architecture between control and user plane, flexible operation can be achieved where 5G core for control plane is deployed on the customer's on-premise or on public cloud while, UPF, user plane node, is located closer to the edge, so that time-sensitive services that demand the very low latency, can be achieved in an efficient manner.

Field Proven with tier1 mobile carriers & NEC’s extensive experience

NEC has more than 25 years of experience in Mobile Packet core domain. The benefits mentioned are not just on a demo or lab level, but commercially proven by dozens of MNOs, having tens of millions subscribers, and local 5G providers.
At the same time, NEC helps MNOs with the smooth and seamless migration from exiting 4G to 5G network, accommodating both 4G and 5G users under the single NEC’s 4G/5G Converged Core.

Moreover, NEC has validated high performance of UPF even in the cloud environment.
So we are committed to be able to deliver high performance with high reliability, security and quality, while ensuring smooth migration, thanks to our ample knowledge and skills and long experience.

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